Credit insurance is one of the safest and most flexible instruments available to protect your receivables from potential payment default.  It alleviates the need to worry about unpaid invoices.

Although nowadays it may be impossible for a company to answer the important question of a client’s creditworthiness, delivery of goods, assets and services are still provided at the risk to your own balance sheet or with an unlimited credit line, almost like writing your client a blank cheque.  Credit insurance offers effective protection against virtually unpredictable risks and losses caused through bad debt.  It allows you to protect against short term debts while at the same time supporting your credit management.

It’s often difficult to compare insurance companies’ offers: new products are continually coming on the market, the agreements are becoming more complicated and so many special clauses make it harder to get an accurate overview as well.  Find yourself a partner who can help you to choose the optimal credit insurer and get you the best conditions.