Our benefits

Our success is not just based on what we do for our clients but also how we do it.  We consistently focus on one objective – that of our clients.

Although our business is very specific and for the layperson not always easy to understand, it is nevertheless of the utmost importance to us that our clients have as much transparency as possible.  We therefore ensure that the client knows exactly which tasks we are responsible for.

At the core of our business is an individual and trustworthy client relationship, on an equal footing, where the client can rely on both our competence and full discretion. We believe this personal relationship has the highest priority: questions and problems can be dealt with directly through a dedicated contact who is familiar with your company’s individual situation.

We aim to find you the ideal combination of debt coverage and additional liquidity through targeted concepts. All of our measures are based on expertise and a comprehensive overview of the markets.

Through our worldwide network of numerous providers, we are able to find you the optimal credit insurance products from both domestic and international markets. At the same time we have, at our disposal, a wide spectrum of financing solutions from which to choose and can combine these to best fit your individual requirements.

In order that the most attractive financing options are available to you, we can also assist you with the financing communication:  we ensure that the right information gets to right place.  In this way we can obtain the best possible credit rating for your company.  Strategic working capital management can really be of help here. Not only can it have a positive effect on your rating, but can also help to release additional liquidity.

We also offer you the opportunity to keep up to date, via our Blog, with the latest products and market developments.  If you prefer, you can subscribe to our newsletter providing you with the most important news and delivered directly to you at home.  From time to time we may use some technical terms which you’re not familiar with: don’t worry, our online lexicon explains all the relevant terms – from A to Z.

Our benefits at a glance

Consulting & Brokerage

As a specialist broker we can put together the best individual offer available to you from a variety of different financing options. At the same time, we safeguard your company from bad debts. As well as this we can optimize existing contracts or develop new concepts for our clients.  We are a small to medium sized business ourselves so are best placed to advise similar sized companies on an equal basis. Being 100% independent, allows us to make your objective the most important priority.

Financing communication

Put your financing communication with the credit insurers in the hands of professionals:  we understand which information is needed to achieve the best possible rating for your company and make sure that you end up in the right place.  Unlike other advisors, we have direct access to credit departments thereby ensuring that you receive immediate feedback on your rating.  After all, only the best possible rating results in extended credit terms from your suppliers.

Working capital

A lot of companies find that more capital than required is tied up in working capital.  We can help you to reduce this through strategic working capital management and thereby free up additional liquidity.  Our products cover everything from Factoring through to trade or inventory financing. Improve your working capital and increase the flexibility and worth of your company!


International network 

GFL is a founding member of the international network of credit insurance brokers, CREDEA. The objective of this network is to look after international clients through a single source but using locally based partners.  To enable this we have access to credit insurance specialists from all continents who can advise GFL‘s clients to the highest quality standards, both in domestic and international markets.  Through our partners, our clients have access to additional insurance options which may not even be available on the German market.

Let us be a part of your success story!

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