Insure your company assets against fraudulent activities – fidelity insurance protects a company’s financial losses that may occur through an employee’s criminal activities or third party cyber risk.

Where traditional credit insurance cover ceases, fidelity insurance begins: protect your company from fraud, embezzlement, betrayal of secrets or deliberate breach of duty by your employees.  Third party losses which threaten your organisation can also be insured, in particular, cases of fraud such as fake president fraud, phishing or pharming which are becoming increasingly frequent in our digitally connected corporate world. 

In practice, the losses which occur can be quite different but nevertheless existentially threatening for a company.  Whereas the typical losses covered by classic fidelity insurance – like employee fraud – may go unnoticed for years, cyber losses are usually one-off events.  Depending on how the fidelity insurance is structured, both types of loss may be insured.  However, internet and computer problems resulting in business interruption are excluded because fidelity insurance covers premeditated illegal activities.