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GFL was established in 2006 in Switzerland and has been operating in Germany since 2011.  Prior to this, both founders, Marcus Sarafin and Ralph Krumpen, have worked together over a long period in the credit insurance branch including for the world leader in credit insurance, Euler Hermes. Having been in the industry for so many years, we have a deeper insight into the credit departments of insurance companies than most others.

It’s often difficult for a layperson to understand how their credit rating happens:  there are a number of factors which can effect this – from industry risk through to the legal structure of a company.  A lot of companies don’t even know their rating, the reason being that most of the communication with the credit insurer is one-sided.

Since we know exactly on what it’s dependent, we can help you to get the best possible credit rating for your company. We save you the precious time of putting together information which the credit insurer may not even be interested in, as we understand which information is needed to get to the right place. In addition to this, as an industry insider we are able to get feedback on your rating – this is a service which almost no other broker can provide.

Take your credit rating seriously: a good rating really can save your company money.  A sound rating can result in extended payment terms from your suppliers and can therefore avoid costly bank credit.

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