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Innovative forms of financing such as factoring, inventory financing or guarantee and surety insurance fulfil two essential functions at the same time:  they provide additional liquidity and safeguard from bad debts. As a specialist broker we can ensure that your financing and insurance coverage are ideally matched.

In order to locate the best deal, we begin by reviewing your existing contracts to see if they can be improved.  We assess whether your contracts actually fulfil your requirements or if there are currently better deals available on the market.

We then compile and process all the relevant data and company documents and identify a model aligned to your company. Independent of any providers, we check out all existing options on the market and find the optimal solution for your individual requirements.

On the basis of the established data, we can then go out to tender with targeted chosen providers.  This is where our valuable contacts with the credit insurers and financing companies enable us to find the best available deals.

Even after contract completion, we remain available to help you: we advise and support you with the implementation of new financing and insurance coverage models within your company.  In addition, we keep up to date with the latest developments and optimize your contracts in case there are better options available on the market. In the event of a loss, we will be available to support you with handling it.

As a family owned small and medium sized business we will remain by your side over the long term.  Individual advice through a dedicated contact who you and your company are familiar with, is really important to us. This is the best way for us to help you with resolving questions and problems in a quick and straightforward manner.

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